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Open Foreword and Acknowledgements PDF Foreword
Open Section 1 PDF 1. 

The Essential Findings of AUDIENCE 98

Public Service, Public Support
Fundamentals in Brief
Open Section 2 PDF 2. Programming Causes Audience
A Community of Characters
Open Section 3 PDF 3. Rounding Up the Usual Suspects
Public Radio’s Minority Audiences
Public Radio’s Generation X Audience
Public Radio’s Older Audience
Getting to More with the Concept of Core
Open Section 4 PDF 4. The More Things Change...
A Question of Place
It Ain’t Net-cessarily So
Listening, More or Less
Open Section 5 PDF 5. ...The More They Stay the Same
The Importance of Community Radio
Open Section 6 PDF 6. Following the Money
Public Service Begets Public Support
The Value of Programming
Open Section 7 PDF 7. Audience Volunteers Support
The Effect of On-Air Pledge Drives
Low Anxiety
Yield Not to Temptation
Open Section 8 PDF 8. The Buck Stops Here
Public Service Economics
9. Exclusive to the On-Line Version of AUDIENCE 98:
Public Radio's Sense of Community Campaign
High Resolution (Appeal & Affinity)
Open Appendix PDF Appendix
How AUDIENCE 98 Links Listener Income to Listening
How AUDIENCE 98 Links Underwriting Income to Listening
What We Learned by Gathering Underwriting Information from Stations
Understanding the Giving Model

Audience Research Analysis
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