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The Essential Findings of AUDIENCE 98

Distilled and synthesized, two key findings emerge from the thousands of facts generated by AUDIENCE 98. If they seem familiar, it’s because they so precisely reflect our time.

Public service begets public support.

Public support focuses public service.

These two ideas powerfully and inextricably connect the reason public radio exists and the reason public radio is able to exist. They engage the positive feedback of the quid pro quo – of doing well by doing good.

Ten years ago, AUDIENCE 88 developed the "programming causes audience" fundamentals of public service – the focus of our activities back then. Today, as listener-sensitive income surpasses all other revenues combined, AUDIENCE 98 focuses – necessarily – on the "programming causes support" fundamentals of public service.

Like the programming basics of the last decade, these financial essentials will have currency for years to come. This first chapter offers a summary.

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