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Following the Money

For the real scoop behind almost any story, take Deep Throat’s classic advice: Follow the money.

That’s what AUDIENCE 98 does in these next two reports that examine public radio’s listener-sensitive economy.

Most giving and underwriting flow into the economy through a small number of conduits – public radio’s major programming. Two channels dominate: Morning Edition and All Things Considered together generate almost a third of all listener support and over half of all local underwriting.

But that’s only part of the story. By linking listening to giving in a statistically significant way AUDIENCE 98 uncovers a deeper meaning for these numbers.

The money trail loops through many aspects of public service and public support, making connections that aren’t obvious in a cursory examination of the public radio economy.

Only by following the money can we really understand that economy. And only by acting on what we understand can we influence our financial future.


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