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The concepts of appeal and affinity sharply focus a public service lens on the people served by public radio’s programming.

AUDIENCE 98 adds resolution to the appeal and affinity lens. Powerful before, it can now resolve even finer detail. The resulting sharper audience portraits inform even more appropriate and powerful programming decisions at both stations and networks.

This report is organized into four parts.

  1. Background.   Invented and developed within public radio over the last decade, appeal and affinity are simple concepts with powerful applications. The reader can choose three levels of background:

  1. Format Flavors.   When viewed from AUDIENCE 98’s national perspective, "local classical" and "local jazz" are inherently blurred given their diversity of appeals across stations. This analysis clarifies two classical and two jazz "flavors" based on the VALSTM2 characteristics of their audiences.

  2. Operative Affinity.   Do we really need to measure listeners’ VALS traits or educational attainment to assess the affinities among our programs and formats? Or is knowledge of their age, sex, and race sufficient?

– David Giovannoni
– Jay Youngclaus
– Leslie Peters
AUDIENCE 98 Core Team


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